Sai Rahul Rachuri

Staff Research Scientist

Research areas: Secure Multiparty Computation, Privacy Enhancing Technologies


Dr. Sai Rahul Rachuri joined Visa Research as a Staff Research Scientist in February 2023, fresh after receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark in January 2023. Rahul received his Bachelor’s + Master’s in Information Technology from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) in 2019. 

As a member of the Advanced Cryptography team, his research interests are broadly in the area of cryptography, with a focus on building secure multiparty computation protocols for different use cases. He has published papers in some of the top conferences in cryptography, such as International Cryptology Conference (Crypto) and Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium.


  1. Lennart Braun, Mahak Pancholi, Rahul Rachuri, Mark Simkin, “Ramen: Souper Fast Three-Party Computation for RAM Programs”, IACR ePrint 2023.
  2. Rahul Rachuri, Peter Scholl, “Le Mans: Dynamic and Fluid MPC for Dishonest Majority”, IACR Crypto 2022.
  3. Nishat Koti, Arpita Patra, Rahul Rachuri, Ajith Suresh, “Tetrad: Actively Secure 4PC for Secure Training and Inference”, NDSS 2022.
  4. Daniel Escudero, Satrajit Ghosh, Marcel Keller, Rahul Rachuri, Peter Scholl, “Improved Primitives for MPC over Mixed Arithmetic-Binary Circuits”, IACR Crypto 2020.
  5. Harsh Chaudhari, Rahul Rachuri, Ajith Suresh, “Trident: Efficient 4PC Framework for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning”, NDSS 2020.