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How are Healthcare Providers using Working Capital Solutions today?

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Bring the power of digital payments to your healthcare organization with Visa’s innovative, convenient, reliable, and secure payment network. 

No matter how your healthcare company is involved in payments, Visa can serve as a partner to help digitize and modernize your processes. Here are just some of the ways you can take more control of your company’s financial health.

Lower costs and increase productivity

Replace manual processes, like paper checks, with efficient digital payments.

Improve operational efficiency

Automate and streamline processes.

Improve security

Help reduce fraud and declines.


Virtual Card

Streamline claim payments to providers with automatically generated, single-use Visa virtual card numbers that eliminate the administrative burden and cost of paper checks all while simplifying the reconciliation process.

Simplify supplier payouts with virtual cards that have lower payment processing costs with increased security.

Strengthen supplier relationships and improve working capital management all while easing reconciliation through detailed remittance information.

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Healthcare and Employee Benefit cards

Visa Healthcare and Benefit products offer employers and benefit administrators a smart and convenient way to deliver healthcare funds to eligible employees.

A Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), or Wellness Prepaid card help employees enjoy easy access to benefit funds, while employers and benefit administrators see reduced administrative costs.

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Visa Direct

Earned Wage Access: Offer healthcare staff and contractors flexible, on-demand access to their accrued wages 24/7/365. Giving workers the flexibility to “work today, get paid today” is a compelling benefit that helps boost recruitment and retention while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Reimbursements: Stop sending checks. With Visa’s push-to-card solution, you can offer patients and plan members reimbursements in real-time, reducing your administrative workload and improving patient experience.

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Payment Tokenization

Token Management Service is a tokenization solution that replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier, or secure token, across payment types and processing environments.  It securely manages sensitive customer information to help create new seamless shopping experiences and provide insights into customer buying behavior.

Our card-agnostic Token Management Service provides a single integration across EMVCo brands, like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc. to simplify token management, and offers integrated capabilities for multiple payment scenarios, across payment types and channels, that help merchants drive innovation and meet their specific use case needs.

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Visa Intelligent Security Solutions

Visa Secure provides a simple patient experience with authentication that helps determine your customers are who they say they are—regardless of how or where they pay.

Improve patient experience and address fraud by using data-driven approach to help stop unnecessary disputes before they start with Visa’s Post-Purchase Solution. 

Decision Manager prevents fraud at its inception by using AI to quickly assess the validity of a range of transaction types and can be integrated into any transaction flow. Decision Manager removes the need for IT overhead and results in increased fraud strategy accuracy, lower operating costs, and enhanced customer experience.

Reduce fraud and increase approval rates by harnessing global data in real-time and creating authorization rules to streamline your fraud operations with Visa Risk Manager.

With Visa Advanced Authorization, Visa analyzes each transaction instantly against hundreds of fraud detectors and risk attributes so that valid purchases go through—and your business keeps growing.

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Operational Efficiency

Visa Open Banking Solutions

Optimize your billing operations with a simpler, faster ACH experience by enabling your patients to link their financial accounts using open banking technology. With Visa, users can set up seamless bank-to-bank payments by connecting and authenticating their bank account securely within seconds. 

When you unlock streamlined ACH payments, you can deliver a more seamless user flow, help increase ACH onboarding conversions, and reduce payment risks.

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Visa Payables Automation (VPA)

Automate your payables with a solution that enables payments via virtual cards, eliminates paper checks, reduces payment fraud and payment remittance burdens, and improves working capital efficiencies and supply chain management.

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Welcome Center

Visa is working with Prove and F5 to eliminate friction from the patient journey.

Enhance Digital Onboarding and Improve Patient Engagement

Delivering an easy and intuitive patient digital portal experience is critical to ensuring patient engagement and retention. Prove Pre-Fill streamlines the patient onboarding process by auto-filling forms with verified identity data. With an improved portal process, healthcare providers benefit from greater patient acquisition, retention, and revenues.

Improve Patient Digital Identity Authentication

Patients expect less friction and seamless account access.  Healthcare partners need to balance customer experience with managing risk & fraud and identity authentication. Passwordless enables streamlined and secure onboarding and account access, helping to improve patient experience.

Protect the Patient Experience

Protect your digital assets against fraud, medical ID theft, and card testing with F5 Bot Defense.

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