Visa Direct

A fast, safe and convenient way to send money.

Speed, simplicity, security and scale

Visa Direct can help your business develop fast, convenient and secure payment experiences.

What Visa Direct offers you

A real-time¹ payments platform backed by one of the world’s largest electronic payments networks:


Transactions are processed in real-time.¹


An improved customer experience to enable instant payments to all eligible U.S. debit or prepaid cards.
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A safe way to pay your customers, backed by Visa’s leading payment security.


The support of Visa’s trusted expertise and capabilities to help you as you launch, grow, or enhance the payment experience for your customers.

One solution, multiple applications

Whether you are sending or receiving funds, Visa Direct can help you create innovative experiences for your customers.
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Businesses that can benefit from Visa Direct

Visa Direct’s real-time¹ payment experiences can help businesses across multiple industries improve operational efficiency:

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The fast funds payment solution backed by one of the world’s largest electronic payments networks.