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Global Economic Insights: Gen Z

Gen Z and the metaverse: Influencing the future of the economy.
A headshot of Wayne Best, Chief Economist at Visa.

Types of economic change

Graph showing economic change types. See image description for more details.
Line chart showing the three types of economic change, with time represented on the horizontal axis and economic growth represented on the vertical axis. Cyclical change goes up and down over time, but economic growth is maintained within a range. Structural change starts out steady in the lower left part of the chart, then breaks the business cycle and accelerates up rapidly, leading to a new level of economic growth over an extended time period. Secular changes occur over long periods and lead to a continued rise in economic growth, appearing as a vertical line from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. 

Gen Z’s digital lifestyle and secular change

New cities could emerge as global trend-setting and innovation hubs

Capturing Gen Z’s spending power

Graph showing spend by generation. See image description for more details.
Bar chart showing average monthly spend per active credit card by generation for the U.S. Gen Z’s monthly credit card spend in 2021 was $1,485, millennials $2,498, Gen X $2,989 and boomers $2,439.

Gen Z and gaming: Importance to the metaverse

Gamers are an attractive consumer segment

The Internet and the future of the metaverse

The metaverse and crypto