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U.S. economic growth is softening as the global economy slows

Slowdown in manufacturing is beginning to permeate the services sector. Plus Visa’s U.S. economic forecast through 2021.

Real GDP CAGR: 2.5% in Mar 2018 to 1.7% forecast in Dec 2021, with line overlay for real GDP YoY % change: 2.86% in Mar 2018 to 1.74% in Dec 2021(f).
Chart shows avg weekly hours of .29% in Jan 2018 to -.39% in Sept 2019, with avg hourly earnings from 2.7% in Jan 2018 to 3.1% in Sept 2019.
October 2019 U.S. forecast table, with key economic indicators from 2017 through forecast 2021. Described in detail below.