Person using Visa chip card at a chip-enabled terminal.

Illustration of a phone with one arrow pointing to the right and another pointing to the left.

VisaNet authorization data analysis

Provides a dynamic, diagnostic view of authorizations approval and fraud loss performance.

Illustration of a magnifying glass.

Competitive intelligence

Uses a rich data set to view best-in-class performance and facilitates the process of setting marketing targets.

Illustration of a checkmark within a circle.

Targeted strategic recommendations

Addresses real-time + fraud-policy scenarios, and supports CX improvements.

Illustration of a chart with an arrow trending upwards.

Customer research

Provides rich insights into needs across key touch points and supports effective CX mapping.

Illustration of a piece of paper and a pencil next to it.

Implementation considerations

Assesses operational + technology capabilities as well as marketing and service strategies.

Illustration of a credit card terminal.

Opportunity assessment

Allows you to compare options and decide on scenarios that optimize efficiency and revenue growth.

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Closeup of part of a bar graph on a computer screen.
Screenshot of the Credit Performance Accelerator page.