Visa Performance Solutions

Identify, grow and engage your customer base.

Visa Performance Solutions

Our tailored consulting services and easy-to-use automated solutions are designed to help you succeed in today’s fast-changing payments industry.
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Co-brand entry strategy

Explore opportunities to increase customer loyalty through co-branded, pre-paid and credit product offerings.

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E-commerce optimization

Drive increased shopping cart conversion by enhancing customer experience and streamlining the payment cycle.

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Geo-location assessment

Make better decisions on geographic expansion (e.g., new store location, flight route expansion) based on geo-location sales assessment.

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Marketing mix optimization

Put your marketing investments to good use and improve targeting with advanced analytics.

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Operations assessment

Become more efficient by understanding and predicting peak times with hourly transactional data analyses.

Illustration: mobile phone displaying data transfer.

Transaction benchmarking

Identify relative market share, customer behavior performance indicators and places for growth.

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