Enabling financial institutions to deliver value to buyers and sellers through flexible economics

Visa Commercial Choice Select (VCCS) is a full suite of services and capabilities designed for financial institutions (on behalf of their commercial cardholders) and merchants to establish configurable interchange reimbursement fees.

VCCS offers the ability to enable flexible pricing across transaction size tiers, with different enablement options available. Our customers can leverage VCCS to build custom fee agreements that create value for all parties within the payments ecosystem, delivering results that promote long-term, sustainable economics.

Key features of VCCS


Multiple ways to enable and configure the program


Customize agreements by applying different rates to different transaction sizes

Product Type

Support for all commercial credit cards, including purchasing card and corporate T&E


Available for merchants across all industry categories

Benefits of VCCS

Visa Commercial Choice Select is designed to give financial institutions the ability to create their own configurable interchange reimbursement fees that support their commercial customers and suppliers. VCCS features best-in-class flexibility, optionality, and control to expand new and existing commercial card programs.

  • Expand commercial payments capabilities - Better serve the needs of your commercial card customers so they can pay the way they want to.
  • Customization and flexibility - Help grow merchant acceptance of commercial card payments by creating agreements that can be flexible based on transaction size.
  • Improve control - Full control and final approval over interchange reimbursement fees.
  • Grow acceptance - Help prevent merchant attrition and recover lost volume from merchants who have cancelled acceptance.


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