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On Money Travels, we’ll journey across the continents exploring the nuances of real-time payments from place to place while learning about the unique human needs in these diverse locations. Join neuroscientist and author, Indre Viskontas, as she speaks with expert voices who are exploring the latest trends and insights that are helping ensure bright futures no matter where on earth you find yourself!

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Embark on a global odyssey of payments and human connection with the Money Travels podcast, presented by Visa and hosted by Indre Viskontas.
A headshot of Ruben Salazar Genovez, Global Head of Visa Direct.

Why the World Needs a Better Global Money Movement Network

Global Head of Visa Direct, Ruben Salazar Genovez, is here to chat about the challenges associated with building a worldwide money movement network.

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A headshot of Horacio Diaz Adda.

En Route to Real-Time: Moving Money from Me to Me

Visa Direct’s Nicole Stiller and Step’s Horacio Diaz Adda talk about making account-to-account transfers simple and fast for a tech-savvy generation.

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A headshot of Enrique Perezalonso.

Sending Money Home: Remittances in an Instant World

Breno Andrade and Enrique Perezalonso discuss the unique needs of those who rely on remittances and the innovations being developed to address them.

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A headshot of Nick Newman.

Expressway to Payday: Earned Wage Access

Mike West, Paul Simpson, and Nick Newman discuss the latest developments in wage access that help employers pay their employees fast.

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A headshot of Parikshit Bhattacharya.

From Local to Global: Building a Borderless Network for Banks

Norman Butler and Parikshit Bhattacharya reveal the infrastructure needed to move money across borders at the scale and speed we’ve come to expect.

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A headshot of Lucho Torres.

A Changing Landscape: Transforming P2P with the Visa Alias Directory

Serge Elkiner and Lucho Torres discuss the security concerns of mobile payment services and the innovations that are helping increase security in money movement.

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A headshot of Sue Onians.

When Money Travels without Permission: Fraud Protection and Security

Sue Onians, VP of Visa Direct Ecosystem and Risk, speaks about the growth of financial fraud in the digital age and keeping your personal data safe.

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A headshot of Aswin Phlaphongphanich.

Frequent Flyers: The Microtisation of Remittances

Join Deepan Dagur and Aswin Phlaphongphanich for a deeper look at global remittances in Asia Pacific.

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A headshot of Valeriy Danylenko.

Unexpected Departures: P2P Money Movement in Ukraine

Explore the invisible infrastructure that enables money movement after a crisis with Gouranga Dhanagare and Valeriy Danylenko.

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A headshot of Robert Clayton.

A Borderless World: Cross-Border Money Movement

Join Richard Meszaros and Robert Clayton to examine the growing list of reasons why companies need better cross-border money movement solutions.

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A headshot of Stergios Tsalis.

Fintechs: Money’s Superhighway

Anastasia Serikova and Stergios Tsalis explore some of the enablers of the FinTech revolution and the resulting disruption of traditional financial services.

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A headshot of Ani Sane.

Taking Off: Digital Wallets for a Digital World

Pankaj Sharma and Ani Sane examine the rise of mobile wallets and what it means for behavioral economics as our finances go digital.

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