Visa Prepaid Cards for business

Simplify your payroll and reward your customers and employees

Incentive Card providers

Visa Payroll Cards

Eliminate the hassles of paper checks with Visa Payroll

Visa Payroll card benefits

Making life easier for employees and employers
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Cost efficient

Reduce payroll-processing costs by eliminating check printing and processing.
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Payments are handled electronically - so they're more secure than checks.


Employees don't need a bank account to have a card, and it spares them from check-cashing and money order fees, with pay instantly loaded onto their card.

The Visa Payroll Card Financial Literacy website provides you with tools and resources that you can offer to your employees to help them make better financial decisions.

Visa Incentive cards

Motivate, reward and inspire your employees and customers

Use Visa Prepaid cards to streamline your business

From incentives to payroll—discover the opportunities

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