• Visa Direct delivers fast and simple payouts to billions of cards.

Visa Direct enables real-time1 payout experiences with the scale and security of the Visa network

Visa Direct reverses the payment flow of the Visa network, allowing businesses to make real-time1 payouts to debit and reloadable pre-paid cards.
Illustration of a Visa card, bordered by two arrows.
Illustration of a hand shake.
Illustration of a phone and card.
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Visa Direct is enabling better payment options for many industries

Illustration of a phone showing a user's bank deposit screen.
A closeup of a phone screen with Visa Direct payout options.
A closeup of a tablet screen with Visa Direct payment details.

Launch a real-time1 payment solution for your business

Get started with Visa Direct

You can join the Visa Direct ecosystem with the help of a Visa Direct solution provider5 and your acquirer.