Intelligent transaction security

With speed and simplicity of implementation, Visa Advanced Authorization and Visa Risk Manager are two powerful products that work together or separately to give global issuers integrated, comprehensive fraud risk management. Today more than 8,000 global financial institutions are already using these solutions to help identify and prevent fraud.

Visa Advanced Authorization

Provides global issuers with a sophisticated in-flight risk scoring, for more targeted and better-informed authorization decisions.

$ 26 B

of annual fraud prevented1

500 +

unique attributes evaluated per transaction in about a millisecond2

25 +

years of AI experience

Visa Risk Manager

Leverages the real-time insights of Visa Advanced Authorization and puts them into action. Visa Risk Manager is a web-based suite of tools providing issuers with control and flexibility to manage to their risk strategies and risk tolerance. Taps into the power of VisaNet to provide better control of the risk associated with your portfolio using an easily accessible web-based UI 24/7.

Client success stories

With over 60 years of payments expertise, we apply our advanced technologies and data-driven approach to help businesses thrive. Our authorization solutions help you reduce fraud, increase approvals and provide the best cardholder experience.

Improving authorization performance

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