Elevate your self-service channel, reduce your costs and innovation burden

Maximize back-office efficiencies

Remote electronic journal

Query, retrieve and view real-time data, with access through a browser-based app.

Terminal totals manager

Display current and historic terminal totals with multiple sub-totals.

Performance management

Access terminal status and dispatch information, with real-time monitoring and availability reports.

Providing flexible cardholder functionality

Standard transaction set

Withdrawal, deposit, inquiry, transfer, payment, PIN change, OAR and mini statement

ATM preferences

Language selection, fast cash amounts and receipt options

Open account relationship

Cardholders define accounts presented at ATM, identified by account number or name

Advanced features

Cash recycling, upfront PIN and contactless

ATM analytical tools

Monitor your ATM portfolio with our data-driven approach

Security and fraud

TLS 1.2, SHA 2, TR31/TR34. Acquired transactions feed into DPS Fraud/Risk scoring tools

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