State-of-the-art warehousing platform

A world-class solution designed for everybody, whether you are an executive, business user or analyst. Visa Data Manager helps you make smarter, more informed business decisions based on your aggregated historic card transaction data.

What we deliver

Proactive KPI management

Track how your business is performing, to inform the development of new strategies.

Profitability insight

A unique view of your P&L and the activity of your most value generating cardholders.

Enhanced efficiency

With just one solution to work with, you can streamline your analytics function.

Rich transaction data

Clean merchant, interchange, and fraud/falcon data.

How we do it

Intuitive user interface

Daily data extract

Near real-time data

Pre-defined reports

Option for custom reporting

Historic data access


business and enriched data attributes

Up to


years of historical data access across all card products

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