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Hear from our SVP and Global Head of Issuing Solutions, Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, on why the right partnerships can help you win the faster payments long game.

What we deliver

Streamlined multi-network support

A single hub connecting to multiple card and account-based faster payments networks, including RTP, FedNow and Visa Direct.

Feature-rich and flexible

Designed to support an ever-expanding range of faster payment use cases to meet the needs of your customers.

Reduced operational overhead

Simplify the complexities of a real-time multi-network environment through a suite of value-added services.

How we do it

Layered fraud defenses

On-behalf-of daily settlement service

Intraday liquidity management

Instant payment credit send and receive

Visa Direct origination

Account based risk analytics

Reports and reconciliation

Exception processing

24/7/365 processing

Why it’s important

Embracing faster payments is becoming increasingly important to meet the needs of today’s consumer.


of surveyed consumers wanted the flexibility of real-time transfers between their financial accounts¹


of those surveyed said real-time transfers would increase account usage and improve experience¹


of those surveyed would consider switching accounts to an institution that offers real-time payments in the future¹

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  1. Aite Group and Visa Inc. survey of 1957 consumers Q2-2020