Our view of an open future for payments

We identify opportunities for the public and private sectors to work together to create and sustain an open and innovative payments ecosystem so that individuals, businesses, and economies can thrive.

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Accelerating sustainable tourism: Areas for public-private collaboration

In this paper, we examine the definition and measurement of sustainable travel and tourism, discuss barriers, and explore the ways that the public and private sectors can shape consumer behavior to accelerate sustainability in the industry. See the executive summary for our key findings and recommendations.

Decoding ISO 20022: Lessons for cross-border payments

This paper builds on the foundational work of Demystifying ISO 20022 and explores another perspective that is often overlooked—the uniqueness of different use cases and payment methods and the implications of a broad-based approach to ISO 20022 implementation in cross-border payments. To address these challenges, policymakers and the financial services industry can leverage insights from past ISO 20022 implementations, while also applying lessons learned from the cards ecosystem to modernize different payments systems, enhance interoperability, and foster an environment for innovation.

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