Capital on Tap’s mission

Running a small business can be challenging. Just managing the day-to-day operations is a full-time job. Small business owners increasingly need the right tools and resources to grow and scale their business, but traditional tools and funding options aren’t always the right solution for a small business.

Capital on Tap recognized that small businesses needed a service that streamlined their operations and lending process to let business owners concentrate on running their business.

Image of Damian Brychcy, CEO of Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap is focused on building a world-class credit card to help businesses achieve great things. Our long-term partnership with Visa and their range of products goes a long way in helping us fulfil that mission.

Damian Brychcy – Capital on Tap, CEO

How Visa helped Capital on Tap

Small business owners have traditionally been wary of financial services because of the complexity and sometimes steep learning curve. But Capital on Tap knew that they could break through those traditional barriers by showing them there’s an easier way.

Combining their technology solution with the ability to issue Visa Corporate credit cards to their customers, Capital on Tap is now able to provide flexible capital and other services to a huge number of small businesses in the UK. And recently they’ve expanded their services to the United States.

Capital on Tap by the numbers¹

£ 10 B

Capital on Tap has helped over 200,000 businesses across the UK and US by providing them with funds worth over £10 billion.

300 k

Since 2016, Capital on Tap has issued over 300,000 cards.

12 mins

Every 12 minutes, Capital on Tap adds a new customer in the UK.

¹Capital on Tap internal data as of January 2024

Visa solutions used by Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap has relied on three Visa products to enhance their services.

Visa Token Service

Visa Token Service enhances the security of customers’ payments, by protecting sensitive information from fraud. 

Learn more about Visa Token Service

Fintech Fast Track

The Visa Fast Track program accelerated Capital on Tap’s launch, this program provided them with accelerated onboarding onto the Visa network and preferential commercial incentives.

Learn more about Fintech Fast Track

Visa Resolve Online

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) provides Capital on Tap with a full array of dispute management services. This service reduces costs and improves data quality.

Learn more about Visa Resolve Online (VROL)

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