• Plus and Plus Alliance ATM Finder Networks

    Access ATMs all over the U.S. that have no ATM surcharge.

An illustration of a payment card with a Visa logo in front and a Plus Alliance logo in the back.

Step 1: See if your card qualifies

If you see the Plus Alliance logo on your card, you can use the Plus Alliance Network with no ATM surcharge fee. If not, contact your financial institution to ask about signing up for a qualifying card.

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Step 2: Look for a Plus Alliance ATM

If you have a qualifying card, use our locator to find a participating retailer or financial institution within the U.S. Then simply use your qualifying card at any domestic Plus Alliance ATM with no ATM surcharge fee — it’s that easy.

An illustration of a Visa card inserted into an ATM slot.

Step 3: Start using ATM surcharge-free ATMs

Use Plus Alliance ATMs just like any other ATM. The only difference is you won’t see an ATM surcharge fee.

A map of the U.S.A. with yellow dots all over representing approximate ATM locations.
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Use the Plus Alliance ATM Locator

Find a surcharge-free Plus Alliance ATM near you.
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