• Now use Visa for tuition payments

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Tuition payments just got easier for everyone

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Parents, there’s an easier way to pay

You want options when it comes to paying for your child's education and Visa makes it possible to do this with a Visa credit or debit card vbsdnhgbfver  rbr nren ren ren.

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Accepting Visa saves time and administrative costs.

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Whether you’re using tap to pay, swipe or dip, Visa provides you a variety of ways to pay using your card or mobile device.


If your card was lost or stolen, Visa can work with your bank to expedite the replacement and ship it globally within 24-72 hours.


No ATM, no problem. Visa is accepted at millions of merchant locations around the world for everyday purchases. Every 2nd user accepts Visa.


Enjoy an easy and secure way to pay everyday with your Visa Traditional credit card. 

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