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More than 500 undergraduate and graduate students from 17 offices joined workshops, sessions and showcases

Visa Intern Showcase in Foster City, CA, USA

“Curiosity is the key to discoveries — big and small. It is a way to distinguish yourself and make your work more fulfilling,” said Visa Chairman and CEO, Al Kelly in his 2019 commencement address to Iona College graduates. 

More than 500 undergraduate and graduate students from across 17 offices chose Visa as their career destination this summer. Over the past several months, Visa hosted a number of workshops, leadership speaker sessions and showcases for interns around the globe. This next generation of curious leaders had the chance to gain real-world experience, learn directly from Visa executives and work on challenging and rewarding assignments.

As Dheeraj Dhamija, Director, Data Platform, Visa Bangalore puts it: “Visa’s Internship program provides a unique opportunity to the interns to have the firsthand experience of the corporate culture.” Check out some highlights from a few of our regions:  

  • United States: Over 100 interns presented their projects to each other and Visa employees at Intern Showcases in Foster City, California, Austin, Texas and Bellevue, Washington. Christina Giordano (Global Human Resources Intern) in the San Francisco Bay Area said the showcase helped students “practice a succinct ‘pitch’ for our projects and their impact on the company.”
  • India: The India Intern Summer program offered students opportunities to demonstrate their projects and interact and hear from leaders at an all-day Intern Forum. In a special breakout session, women interns learned from Visa female leaders about everything from the power of asking questions to the importance of expanding your comfort zone. “All the sessions were enriching,” said Purva Mhasakar (Data Product Development Intern). “It was surely a memorable experience.”
  • Singapore: Interns participated in a two-day bootcamp filled with lectures, workshops, and team-building activities. According to Zhemin Liu (Software Engineer Intern, Visa Innovation Center) this hands-on experience “provided me with the necessary support and guidance I needed to learn and excel, as well as crucial life skills that will last me well beyond the internship.” Piya Sial (Core Finance Intern) described her internship as “a whirlwind of rich experience, knowledge, skill-building and friendships.”
  • Europe: The two-day Next Generation Summit in London offered interns a packed program with special guest speakers and engaging breakout sessions. Najeeb Rafi (Risk Intern) at Visa Paddington recalls: “The talks and panels were engaging and thought provoking, while the social activities were a great way to meet new people.”


Four interns around a table using post-it notes to solve a problem in a breakout session at intern event
Visa’s Interns from the Paddington office engage in a breakout session


Each intern played a unique role in helping advance Visa’s business and culture. Shankar Viswanathan, Director of Cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management Software Development Team in Visa’s Foster City office expressed, “Visa’s Intern Program is a vital part of Cyber Security and Visa’s organic growth...It gives us the opportunity to understand the current trends in the technology space which university students are up to date and it helps us as an organization align our vision towards process, technology and people.”




Visa is always looking for unique and talented individuals to be a part of our global team. Our work is mission driven, helping individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. If you’re a undergraduate or graduate student looking for a job and are curious about the innovative projects we’re tackling that impact billions of people across the globe, check out the opportunities we have here for you. Visit our website to learn more about our curated list of opportunities for interns and new college grads and for a full list of campus events around the globe.

Explore what it’s like to work at Visa and get to know the people and programs bringing Visa's unique culture to life: http://visa.com/lifeatvisa and follow @LifeAtVisa on Instagram.

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