Speeding toward a simpler, easier way to shop online with SRC

Merchants have flexibility, resources for implementing the new industry standard for fast, secure digital payments

By TS Anil, Global Head of Payment Products, Visa

Animation of screen covered with devices showing ecommerce fields and buttons wiping away to reveal the SRC Visa button

Consumers are dusting off their boxes of old decorations and making gift lists for the upcoming holiday season. For merchants, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping marks a time to make continuous improvements to their customer experiences and ensure a more seamless and secure buying experience to keep shoppers coming back year after year.

As we head into the busiest shopping season of the year, online buying is evolving so you can pay with fewer clicks. Starting today, shoppers in the U.S. have a new, standardized way to make card payments faster and easier across digital platforms and connected devices. Click to pay with Visa when you see the icon and Visa is accepted, paying is easy, smart and secure.

This advance in digital commerce is the culmination of years of hard work and collaboration across the industry from payment networks, merchants, financial institutions and payment gateways to create an easier, smarter, and more secure checkout. Shoppers have been dealing with choice overload: until today there have been multiple buttons and methods to choose from when buying online. Starting this fall, Cinemark, Movember, Rakuten, Saks Fifth Avenue and are the first merchants to adopt click to pay on their websites, with BassPro, JoAnn Fabrics, Papa John’s, Staples and following by the end of 2019.

The vision for the future of digital commerce is to replace the current guest checkout process with the new button, eliminating laborious key-entry of personal account numbers and information. By using these new digital standards for online payments, Visa is helping make couch commerce as convenient and simple as walking into your favorite store today.

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