100s of things happen to keep your payment safe

Join the high-speed journey of a transaction through Visa’s global payment network


International Fraud Awareness Week is a global effort to reduce fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education, supported by hundreds of organizations and run by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

A week for fraud awareness is important, but preventing fraud is a year-round, 24-hours-per-day effort at Visa with experts staffing Visa’s Risk Operations Center constantly monitoring for anomalous payment activities. This is combined with the use of fraud prevention technology like biometrics, Artificial Intelligencesecure tokens, consumer transaction controls and alerts, and much, much more to keep your payment information safe and purchase speedy at the same time.

Look for more on the many ways Visa helps to keep payments secure all throughout this #FraudWeek (Nov. 17-23) starting with the video below. See how Visa applies artificial intelligence to risk score a transaction through Visa’s global payment network in roughly a millisecond. Click into the image to get a 360-degree view….and fasten your seat belt!


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