Visa and SiriusXM are “on the road” to the future of payments

In-car services like buying gas and food are just the start of the journey

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Team Visa gymnastics superstar Simone Biles (left), Bisi Boyle from Visa and Peter Polit from SiriusXM (not pictured) take a ride to test out features of our new in-car payments prototype.  

“This is the type of technology I need in my car,” said Team Visa gymnastics superstar Simone Biles on a drive to test out the new in-car payments prototype from Visa and SiriusXM.

Every year, millions of drivers around the country spend money – billions in fact – on food, gas, tolls and more on their daily commutes. How can these everyday activities be made safer and easier?

This is a question Visa and SiriusXM are addressing with our new in-car payment prototype – the result of a year’s worth of work that started with a drive through Las Vegas last January. The easy-to-use “e-wallet” is integrated into the dashboard so that drivers can buy things with simple voice commands – even if they left their wallets and phones at home. Key features include:

  • Drivers can pay for several things – like gas, parking and tolls – but only need to enter payment credentials once.

  • No need to fumble through different apps or screens, making payments is as easy talking to the head-unit. Drivers stay focused on the road with their hands on the wheel – not on their phones.

  • Visa Token Service keeps payments secure, by replacing card account details with a unique digital identifier, or token, that keeps data from being compromised. Visa's sensory branding is another level of authentication and assures drivers the payment is complete and secure.

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