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This Women's History Month, four leaders share strategies for success

Connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. For Arielle Lok, co-founder of Peko Produce, a Canadian company focused on reducing food waste and increasing access to healthy diets by delivering surplus and “peculiar” grocery items, the key was making new connections. “Finding other women in my specific industry with a similar background was extremely challenging,” says Lok. “However, most people will only want the best for you. Cold reach out to others, ask for connections, and you will find yourself with more mentors than you possibly need. Choose a small group of friends, other entrepreneurs and industry mentors, and keep them close throughout your journey. Entrepreneurship does not always have to be lonely.”

Be patient and adaptable

“There are many challenges in business, some of which can be influenced by major world or political events,” says Simona Sadauskienė, Founder of Bosaddo, a Lithuanian company on a mission to create sustainable and innovative apparel for dancers. When the unpredictable happens, new opportunities can emerge. ”It is important to be patient and not be afraid to adapt to the changing environment," says Sadauskienė.  “One must act quick and never give up.”

Launched in 2019, “She’s Next, Empowered by Visa” is a global initiative to spotlight women in their efforts to fund, run and grow their small business. Earlier this year, select She’s Next grant winners joined Vital Voices Global Partnership’s 2023 VV GROW Fellowship, a global business accelerator for women leading for-profit, purpose-driven businesses that are driving social change. Later this month, Visa will launch the second year of our She’s Next in Fashion program, awarding 50 women-owned small businesses in fashion and beauty with a $11,500 Cash Grant. Stay tuned for the final list of grantees.

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