No more cast-away currency

According to Visa research, international travelers return with an average of $123 of unspent local currency. But digital forms of payment are more available than ever, reducing the need for cash even at many remote locations.

There are better uses of $123 than to sit in a drawer post-vacay. We have a few ideas. What sort of traveler are you? Click below to determine your traveler type and learn some better uses of formerly cast-away currency.

Lounge chair under umbrella.
Wrench and screwdriver forming an X.
Rocket ship.
Airplane traveling around the world.
Tent with one flap open.
A fork and knife on top of a plate.

Woman sitting on lounge chair tanning
Man in a hot spring
People doing yoga in a studio
Woman relaxing in a tree house at sunset

Close up of brush and palette
Musicians playing guitar and drums in a recording space
Close up of perfume making class
Bearded man dancing with woman

Surfer duck diving under reef break
Two women and a man on a rollercoaster
Mountain road on a car
Woman swimming with a ray

Woman standing in an art gallery, looking at an abstract modern painting
Dried corn hanging
Viking ship on the water
Travelers riding on camels in the desert

A person swimming with a turtle.
Hiker in Antelope Canyon
Penguin standing on rock in front of the ocean
Sloth hanging from a tree

Meats on skewers on a grill
A churro dipped in hot chocolate
Close up of avocado toast
Hand rolled Thai ice cream

Surprising places to pay
Arial view of cityscape.