• Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Car Secure Payments

    We're revolutionizing the driving experience.

Man at table next to lunch truck paying for a meal
Couple on blanket on grass looking at mobile phone
Young woman walking to yoga class checking her mobile phone
Woman at stand-up desk writing an email
Visa logo on car dashboard screen.
CyberSource logo with subheading A Visa Solution.
Secure Remote Commerce logo to the left of the Visa logo.
General Motors logo.
Honda logo.
Sionic Mobile logo.
Sirius XM logo.

Olympic Athlete Simone Biles rides in Visa’s connected car with Visa VP, Olabisi Boyle.
Backshot of a woman in a car on the passenger seat.
A closeup of Visa’s connected car dashboard, that shows the gas station payment feature.
An image of person looking into a car’s rearview mirror.
A CNET reporter, Craig Cole, takes Visa’s connected car out for test drive.
A futuristic rendering of the interior of a connected car, that includes graphics.

Cover page of a white paper entitled 'Secure Payments and the Inter of Things' showing a finger interacting with a car dashboard panel.

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