The Visa B2B Connect network. See image description for details.

The graphic shows a streamlined transaction of how Company A would send a payment to Company B and also how Company B could pay Company A. The transaction begins with Company A on the left, passes through its bank, Bank A, located immediately to its right, and then through the Visa B2B Connect network to Company B’s bank, Bank B on the right, and finally to Company B.

Company A is represented with a corporate building icon. Company A connects to the icon of Bank A immediately to its right with an arrow, indicating the flow of payment. Bank A icon is located along the far left edge of a circle that represents the reach of the Visa B2B Connect network. Inside this circle is a symbol for Visa B2B Connect. At the far right side of the circle, there is an icon for Bank B, indicating Bank A and Bank B are both part of the Visa B2B Connect network. The transaction from Bank A to Bank B flows through the Visa B2B Connect network. Bank B then connects directly to Company B on its immediate right side with another arrow, indicating how the payment will ultimately reach Company B after traveling directly between the two banks across the Visa B2B Connect network.