Biometrics: reducing friction and fraud in digital commerce

What if you never needed to type in another password or PIN?
Consumers and biometrics facts. See image description below.

Consumers and biometrics

  • 61% think biometrics are easier than passwords.
  • 70% believe that biometrics are faster than passwords.
  • 80%+ will likely use fingerprint or facial recognition for banking.
  • 50%+ would consider leaving banks that don't offer biometric authentication.
Our approach to biometrics. See image description below.

Our approach to biometrics

  • Partner with third parties, Set principles for security, reliability and interoperability.
  • Promote a standards-based approach.
  • Remain technology and device agnostic.
  • Create solutions, capabilities and tools.
  • Assess the viability of new authentication methods.