Interoperability: Unlocking the future of cross-platform payments

Visa+ is now live with PayPal, Venmo and DailyPay in the U.S. Astra, Brightwell, Cross River Bank, Current, Fiserv, i2c and Tabapay will expand Visa+ to new use cases.

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In 2023, US person-to-person (P2P) payment volume was estimated at $993 billion1. The convenience and speed of digital payments have transformed the way we move money. However, one opportunity remains — interoperability — the power to pay and get paid across digital payment services.

For more than 60 years, Visa has focused on removing friction from payments, from point-of-sale to facilitating digital money movement around the world. Last year, we announced Visa+, an innovative service that allows individuals to send and receive money quickly across different (P2P) digital payment apps and facilitates real-time payouts to participating digital accounts.

Today, we’re excited to announce that both PayPal and Venmo have enabled Visa+ in the US. Eligible users can sign up for a Visa+ payname, a personalized payment address linked to their Venmo or PayPal account and send or receive money to their friends and family seamlessly across the two platforms.  

As we continue to expand the P2P use case in the US, Current and Western Union will join PayPal and Venmo in enabling cross-platform money movement.  

Expanding B2C payouts

In addition to bringing reach, flexibility and convenience to P2P payment experiences, interoperability can also help merchants improve the process of disbursing funds to their customers, also known as business-to-consumer (B2C) payouts. Visa+ is quickly becoming a platform of choice for B2C payouts, with DailyPay being one of the first partners to enable their users to deposit their earned wages directly to Visa+ linked accounts.

We are also thrilled to welcome AstraBrightwellCross River Bank and Fiserv, who plan to implement Visa+ APIs on behalf of their digital wallet and merchant clients by fall 2024. These new partners join i2c and Tabapay in helping expand the reach of Visa+ to many new endpoints.

"Consumers need the convenience of providing a payname to receive a payment from all of the other services where they interface with their money. Combining Visa+ with real-time disbursements through Visa Direct is a game changer for companies providing these financial services and Astra is excited to be a key partner in enabling this technology." — Gil Akos, CEO, Astra

“Brightwell’s mission is to make it simple, easy and convenient for everyone to send money anywhere it needs to go, when it needs to get there. The Visa+ advantages of improved interoperability, scale and reach are a natural fit for us, and we’re excited to add Visa+ to the robust set of Visa products we support.” — Larry Hipp, CEO, Brightwell

The benefits of bringing cross-platform interoperability to P2P and B2C payment flows are manifold. For consumers, it’s about saving time and providing choice. For P2P platforms, it’s about driving deeper engagement with your customers through greater reach and convenience. And for merchants and fintech enablers, interoperability can help bring new avenues for growth by enabling gig, creator and marketplace payouts to new endpoints.

Visa+ will continue rolling out with participating platforms in the US throughout 2024, flexing our Visa+ capabilities to adapt to unique client needs. Our suite of features is expanding as well, with product enhancements beginning in 2024 to support new markets beyond the US, as well as cross-border use-cases. 

Want to create your Visa+ payname? Visit Venmo Help Center and PayPal Help Center for more information. 

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