Better data, for a bigger impact

Helping merchant service providers streamline fraud and dispute management with Visa Post-Purchase Solutions.

Products from Verifi and Visa that help everyone work as one

Visa Post-Purchase Solutions enable advanced data sharing—so merchant service providers and their merchant clients can work together to stop fraud earlier and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Verifi Order Insight®

Address disputes by sharing order details with issuers, so customers can be reassured that unfamiliar transactions are legitimate.

Verifi Rapid Dispute Resolution

Reduce operational expenses and dispute ratios by auto-refunding pre-disputes based on customizable merchant-defined rules.

Verifi Inform

Provides merchants with fraud and dispute data to help reduce payment risk and stop potential future losses.

Visa Pre-arbitration Compelling Evidence 3.0

Streamlines the submission of merchant transaction data for a qualified Compelling Evidence 3.0 response to address friendly fraud.

Visa Resolve Online

The end-to-end dispute processing platform that helps acquirers effectively access capabilities to help your clients deflect unnecessary disputes and more quickly resolve valid disputes.

Visa Dispute Optimization Service

Visa dispute experts will evaluate and help optimize pre- and post-dispute processes to more efficiently resolve disputes.

Be a true partner to your merchants

Verifi offers a range of partner programs so that merchant service providers can help merchant clients better navigate disputes while boosting and protecting revenue.

Reseller Program

Strengthen your merchant portfolio with collaborative fraud and dispute prevention solutions.

Acquirer Reseller Partners

Provide your merchants with protection from fraud and chargebacks while minimizing risk.

Referral Partners

Help your clients solve their dispute challenges while generating a potential new source of revenue.

Enablement Partners

Enable dispute management to increase the value of your solution and help grow your revenue.