Take your Visa card to Italy

A Visa card simplifies traveling in Italy. From Venice to the Vatican gift shop, Visa is accepted all over.
A smiling woman in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy

Exploring Italy for vacation is easy with a Visa card

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Illustration of a credit card with a checkmark on the top-right corner.
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A woman on a pier in Venice, watches gondolas pass by.

Illustration of a Visa card being inserted into an ATM slot.
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Destination highlight: Rome

A man and woman taking picture at the Roman Colosseum.

Destinations that take Visa

Your Visa card is accepted all over and can be more convenient than carrying lots of cash. Pick a destination to learn more about using Visa when you travel.
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Man at Moraine Lake at sunrise in Banff, Canada.
A young couple take a selfie in front of a historical building in London.